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Fishman Beley
- Len Fishman
- Terry Beley
- Articles: Unjust Enrichment, Interim Motions, Child Support Guidelines 1998, Child Support Guidelines 2000, ...Agreements, How to Avoid, Terminate or Vary Spousal Support
- What does an Uncontested Divorce Cost

Family Law Primer
- Separation
- Divorce
- Spousal Support
- Custody
- Child Support
- Prevention and Protection Orders
- Family Home
- Family Property
- Practice and Procedure
- Pensions / RRSP
- The Laws of Trust and Unjust Enrichment

- Divorce Act
- Family Maintenance Act
- Family Property Act
- Federal Child Support Guidelines
- Queen's Bench Rules - Family Procedure
- Child & Family Services Act
- Law of Property Act
- Manitoba Child Support Guidelines (1991 Amendments)
- Married Women's Property Act
- Pension Benefits Act
- Domestic Violence & Stalking Prevention & Compensation Act
- Child Support Tables
- Marriage Act
- Change of Name Act
- Vital Statistics Act
- Department of Justice Canada
- Electronic Statutes of Manitoba

News and Views
- Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines Paper
- Common Law Property Changes
- Supreme Court Case on Illness and Spousal Support
- Federal Child Support Guidelines and Tax Changes
- Manitoba Child Support Guidelines Implemented
- Extraordinary Expenses under the guidelines
- Step-Child Support 'in the place of a parent'
- 'Child Of The Marriage' - support for the adult child
- Grandparent (and other family) access
- Spousal Support - Illness
- Marital Property - Unequal Division
- What's New in Manitoba Family Law Practise:
Automated Orders in the Courtroom Project (Auto-Orders), ...Case Management, Comprehensive Mediation Project

Frequently Asked Questions
- The house is in my spouse's name. Do I have to leave the house when we separate?
- I am getting support under the guidelines, but who pays for the extra costs of bringing up the kids, like hockey and lessons?
- Do I have to share my pension, even though I started working years before I got married?
- My spouse makes money under the table. How can I get child support, if it's based on his income?
- Can my spouse stop me from finding out what's going on at the school?
- Do I have to support my spouse's child of another union, even after the separation?
- I received an inheritance. Will I have to share it on separation?

Family Law Links - Canadian
- The Manitoba Queen's Bench Registry and Auto-Order Clauses
- Canadian Legal Information Institute - Canlii
- Supreme Court of Canada
- Department of Justice Canada
- Electronic Statutes of Manitoba
- Federal Government Child Support Home Page
- Senate Report - For the Sake of the Children
- Access to Justice Network
- Law Society of Manitoba
- Joel Miller's Family Law Centre
- Gene C. Colman - Family Law Centre
- J.C. Boyd's Family Law Resource
Family Law Links - American
- ABA Family Law Section
- Divorce Net
- Family Law Links

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