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Reconciliation, negotiation, mediation and arbitration

Separation and Divorce

Guidance for separating couples, either married or not

Spousal and Partner Support

Find out if you or your former partner is entitled to support

Custody and Parenting of Children

We can help arrange shared, split, or sole custody agreements and parenting agreements.

Child Support

Fair financial support depends on each parent’s earnings

Prevention and Protection Orders

Prevent stalking, harassment or other forms of abuse

Family Property

Get help dividing assets and secure your financial stability

Pensions, RRSPs and Canada Pension Plan

Plan for your financial future by dividing retirement savings

Practice & Procedure

Get the advantage of our decades of family law experience


Experienced Divorce and Family Law Lawyers in Winnipeg

Family Law is complex. When a family experiences a separation, life changing events for the parties and their children have occurred and will occur. These, while engaging a dizzying array of legal issues, can trigger strong emotions.

At Fishman Beley Family Law Associates in Winnipeg, our mission is to help you navigate the changes professionally, fairly and practically. All our lawyers possess thorough knowledge of the law, the court system, and how to help our clients to achieve their goals. The experienced lawyers at Fishman Beley Family Law Associates have been serving individuals and families for more than four decades. Our divorce lawyers in Winnipeg have the skills and resources to handle even the most complex cases involving significant financial assets, child custody and family-owned businesses.

Our role is to help you to settle your case, but if necessary, to litigate for you to:

  • Protect your rights

  • Keep you well-informed of your obligations

  • Ensure the best interests of your children

  • Ensure a reasonable and fair determination of spousal/partner support issues

  • Achieve an appropriate equalization of family property claims

  • Ensure the integrity and safety of your person, children and property


As family law lawyers or “divorce lawyers” in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have created an easy to read guide for your entertainment and education. We call it:

Family Law 101 or The Fishman Beley Family Law Primer


You will find information about the following topics in the Family Law 101, Fishman Beley Family Law Primer:

The experienced lawyers at Fishman Beley Family Law Associates do what it takes to protect your interests in a divorce or separation. From the day you decide to get a separation or divorce to the day your divorce or separation proceeding is finalized, we will be by your side at every step of the way. Contact your most trusted divorce lawyer in Winnipeg today to schedule an appointment.


Customized Services with Case – Centric Approach

Separations are tricky and often confusing as you may not get the right guidance about the path ahead. With the emotional aspects considered, the entire process may not be as straightforward as it appears. Getting the right legal advice is the best way to proceed in such matters. Our team of legal experts at Fishman Beley Family Law Associates ensures that your interests are protected, and we use the best methods to resolve your situation. With our vast experience of handling numerous cases, we understand and approach each case differently. We believe in advocating what our clients are entitled to and leaving options open for compromise. From flexible negotiations to tough assertions, our divorce lawyers work towards getting you the best out of the circumstances


What Makes Fishman Beley Family Law Associates Special?

There are many reasons why our clients select us to assist them in their legal cases. Some of the aspects that make our firm stand out are:

Years of experience

Fishman Beley is a family law firm specializing primarily in the field of family law. Len Fishman has been practicing Family Law in Manitoba for over 46years and Terry Beley for over 44 years. This vast experience of over four decades comes in handy when we deal with our clients and help them achieve their goals.

A detailed approach towards every client

We pride ourselves on the personal touch rendered towards all our clients. With our knowledgeable and skilled team of lawyers in Winnipeg, we handle all levels of cases involving child custody or financial asset distribution. With us on your side, you can experience a transparent and informed legal process.

Dedicated client service and trust

Our professional legal advisors hold our client care and legal discretion at a very high level. Protecting your legal rights with the best possible legal representation, we patiently listen to your concerns, financial position and other important details.


Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Winnipeg

Get personalized and detailed solutions with our experienced family lawyers.



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