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Contact Fishman Beley Family Law Associates in Winnipeg

Family law is a complex and ever-evolving area of the legal system. Issues like divorce, separation, spousal support and child custody are fraught with emotion and questions of right and wrong are rarely clear-cut. Rulings will often come down to a judge’s discretion, so it’s important to have your case properly represented in order to achieve a fair result. For all of your family law matters, contact Fishman Beley Family Law Associates. Our Winnipeg lawyers Len Fishman and Terry Beley have decades of experiences serving the community, and have worked within Manitoba’s legal system since the 1970s. Noah Fishman has been gaining experience since 2012.

To see our lawyers, contact us today. Give us a call, or fill out the form on this page. We will reply to email messages within 3 business days.

We are sorry but we cannot give legal advice over the internet. Some general questions may be answered, subject to the terms of the legal notices. Only general questions should be submitted. Please use only a first name or pseudonym and confine your question to a brief description of basic facts. Please do not disclose what you would consider confidential information in any unsolicited email as it will not be treated confidentially. No lawyer-client relationship will be created by virtue of any such email or by any consultation, which shall be limited to a general discussion of the law and fee arrangements.

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