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Experienced Family Lawyer in Winnipeg


At Fishman Beley Family Law Associates, we believe it is essential for our clients to be well-informed about the law and their case in the context of the law and practice. Family Law can be an arduous and demanding process to deal with, however, with the expertise of Fishman Beley Family Associates, we can help alleviate your stresses and provide you with the knowledge you need.

The Family Law Primer provides you with brief definitions of the basic concepts and practices that arise in a family law case, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, especially when dealing with Child Custody LawChild Support Law, issues in Spousal Support Law or Property Matters.


Watch this presentation Len Fishman gave to Community Legal Education Association, in November 2021.

Family disputes may also include financial negotiation, inheritance issues and drafting of separation, common-law partner and pre-nuptial or pre-cohabitation agreements.


Disputes in the family can involve intense emotions and affection. Our family lawyers are compassionate, empathetic, objective and are always ready to listen to you with an open mind. We are here to help you arrive at a fair resolution by safely navigating through all factors.


Our family lawyers are trained to resolve disputes through various procedures, including litigation and mediation. Count on us if you wish to settle family law disputes outside the court.


Understanding Family Law in Winnipeg

Family law in Canada is an area of shared jurisdiction between federal, provincial and territorial governments. While the federal government is responsible for divorce and related matters, such as parenting and support, the provinces have jurisdiction relating to matters of separation, where no divorce is sought, and to unmarried couples, covering many of the same issues and property matters.


The provinces also are responsible for the administration of justice, such that each province has its own courts and respective rules and procedures. Manitoba’s family court system has undergone massive change in the last couple of years.


Not sure which matter or approach is right for you? Fishman Beley Family Law Associates have experience with family law litigation, settlements, meditation and arbitration. 


Legal Issues You Need to Resolve to Move Ahead in Life

Several issues arise out of the divorce and separation processes that must be resolved either through litigation or with alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Some of those outstanding issues are as follows:


Division of Assets

Whether it’s the equalization or division of property acquired during a marriage, disposition of a family home, or division of any other substantial assets like savings, pensions and retirement accounts, we can help you with a fair division of such assets.


Child Support and Custody

Whether you want to ensure that your child is supported financially, want equal access to your child as a parent, or are seeking primary care or custody of your minor children, our family lawyers in Winnipeg can help.


Spousal Support

We can help you determine if you are entitled and how much you should receive as spousal support.  


To understand the basic concepts that are associated with a family law case, you can consult with and review the knowledge provided by Fishman Beley Family Law Associates. Follow the links below for a better understanding of family law issues:


Dependable Family Law Practitioners in Winnipeg

If you need knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance with respect to family issues, we are here to help. Family law is complex and complicated and requires correct representation. With our decades of experience backing us, we are well-equipped to handle all your family law issues. We are known in and around Winnipeg for our great support to clients and quality services. Looking at the sensitivity of the issues at hand, we offer empathetic and compassionate solutions. We will be happy to help you, no matter how complex the situation. If you need legal guidance, give us a call today.


Want Legal Assistance to Navigate Family Issues?


Our family lawyers are experienced in managing sensitive issues affecting you and your family members.


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