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Fishman Beley Family Law

Fishman Beley is a boutique family law firm. While we do some related files, our practice is primarily in the area of family law.

Len Fishman has been practicing Family Law in Manitoba for over 47 years and Terry Beley for over 46 years. Noah Fishman joined the firm as an associate in September 2012.

Family Law covers many different areas, some more complex than others. The Family Law Primer on this site deals with the major areas and tries to provide basic information about various areas of the law and terms that we use.


Len lectured and mentored law students in the Clinical Family Law course at the Faculty of Law for over ten years and was co-course head of the Family Law section of the Law Society's Bar Admissions Program for over 10 years. He currently lectures in the Intermediate Family Law Course for Community Legal Education Association (CLEA) and is counsel, with Noah Fishman, to Jewish Child and Family Service in child welfare proceedings. He has argued cases in the Court of King’s Bench and Court of Appeal of Manitoba and the Supreme Court of Canada. 


Over the years, Len has been on various Manitoba Bar Association and court committees, currently as an originating member of the Standard Clauses committee, which has now released Version 6, which is used in the preparation of court orders. Version 6 is available on the Manitoba Courts website. This website is primarily Len’s creation for which he accepts all responsibility and welcomes notices of error and need for correction.


Terry graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1976 and has been practicing Family Law since being called to the Bar in 1977. He has been practicing family law with Len Fishman since 1992. He appears in the Manitoba Courts regularly and has been counsel in a number of important reported decisions.


From 1988 to 2009 he lectured in the Intensive Family Law Program at the University of Manitoba and was a lecturer and seminar leader for over 10 years in the Bar Admission Program. He has presented papers on family law issues at Continuing Legal Education forums through the Family Law Subsection of the Manitoba Bar Association and the Law Society of Manitoba.


Terry is well-known for his unflappable demeanour and acute sense of humour. He speaks Ukrainian and is frequently chosen as a mediator/arbitrator by other senior family law lawyers. He has argued several cases in the Court of Appeal that have changed the law.


Stephanie Barros is a graduate of The University of North Dakota School of Law. She graduated in 2017 and worked as a Law Clerk in North Dakota for two years prior to returning to Winnipeg. She first began as an assistant at Fishman Beley in 2011 and was later brought on as an articling student and is now an Associate following her call to the Bar in 2022. Stephanie currently practices in the areas of Family Law and Wills and Estates. She is passionate about providing affordable access to the legal system for all her clients. Stephanie is fluent in Portuguese. 


Noah Fishman is a graduate of McGill University and the University of Leicester. He was called to the Bar in 2012 and has practised with Fishman Beley, Family Law Associates since then. He practices primarily in the area of Family Law. Noah firmly believes in helping his clients achieve their goals at a cost-effective price.


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