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Important Legal Notices


The materials contained in this site are for your information, education and entertainment only. No legal advice is, or is intended, to be given. Your use of these materials is entirely at your own risk.

You should take careful note of the currency of the materials, and in particular the articles and statutes. Laws change and cases are overturned or reinterpreted on a daily basis, so what you find here might easily be out of date. We undertake no responsibility to update or otherwise monitor this site for its accuracy.

This website contains and is for general information only about family law in Manitoba. It may not be, and probably is not, relevant to any other legal jurisdiction.

This website does not offer legal advice, nor should it be taken as such. Any user should seek proper legal advice from a qualified lawyer.

The author, Len Fishman (unless another is named as the author), is solely responsible for the views and opinions expressed in this website. They are not to be taken as representative of or be attributed to those of any entity or professional association.


All users of this site are reminded that there is no intention to provide legal advice on any subject or to any person or groups of persons. It is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified lawyer entitled to practice in Manitoba. The user should be vigilant and aware that the information contained or linked to in this site, including case law and legislation, may be out of date and/or may not apply or be appropriate to any particular circumstances, case or person, or for any particular judicial jurisdiction.

Legal advice is particular and must be personal and confidential. The law changes rapidly and constantly. You should not rely on this website or to any other site to which it has links. If you have a legal question or problem, you should consult with and seek the advice of a qualified lawyer.

Neither Len Fishman, Fishman Beley Family Law Associates, or any other named author makes any representations, warranties, claims, promises or guarantees about the completeness, accuracy, currency or adequacy of the information or links in this website, or of any other website to which this site may be linked.

In no event shall the author, Len Fishman, or Fishman Beley Family Law Associates, be liable to you or to any other person or entity for any loss or damages whatsoever, including but not limited to loss of revenue or profit, lost or damaged data or other commercial or economic loss, whether or not foreseeable, no matter what the claim or basis for claim.


The use of this website does not constitute the retainer of the author or any of the lawyers of Fishman Beley Family Law Associates and shall not give rise to a conflict of interest in any proceeding in which the author or Fishman Beley Family Law Associates represents an entity, party or parties.

Any submission or question to the writer by email must be without identifying information of any kind except your first name or pseudonym and should provide only those non-confidential facts necessary to briefly state the question. You agree that the submission of any question and/or any reply shall not constitute nor shall you or anyone on your behalf claim a conflict of interest in any proceeding in which the author or Fishman Beley Family Law Associates represents a party. You agree that any such submission or question may be used without further consent or authorization and posted on this site. You further agree that no conflict of interest exists or may be claimed whether or not your question is answered, or whether such question and answer is used on this website. The author and Fishman Beley Family Law Associates will not necessarily respond to any question and are under no liability to do so.


The information, design and content of this website, including any code underlying it, excepting any other sites or public sites to which it is linked, is the sole property of Len Fishman. You may use the textual content of this site for your own individual purposes but may not distribute, copy or otherwise post the content without specific permission of the author. Unauthorized use or reproduction of the materials on this site is strictly forbidden.

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