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Family Law – Links to the Major Statutes 

Links and Legal Resources Recommended by Winnipeg Family Lawyers


Family law is a complex area of the legal system. At Winnipeg’s Fishman Beley Family Law Associates, we’re here to help. While we always strive to educate our clients about the intricacies of family law, we also recommend that you do some background reading to ensure you’re equipped with as much information as possible.


More information about family law is available in the links on this page. The comments are Len Fishman’s. We give no warranty and make no representation about the content of the links.

The Manitoba King's Bench Registry
The registry site will allow you to search court files, from each division of the court, by name or file number. You can check the list of documents in the file, the names of counsel, and hearing dates.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
This is a great Canadian resource that will link you to most of the courts and statutes of the provinces as well as to case law.

Supreme Court of Canada
Here you can retrieve the text of cases and keep up to date on the rules and notices of the highest court in the land.

Department of Justice Canada
The Department of Justice Canada will connect you to the Statutes of Canada and other interesting things, such as materials on the guidelines and other government initiatives. You can jump from here to other government departments.

Electronic Statutes of Manitoba
This site contains the English/French versions of the statutes of Manitoba updated to September 1999. Here you will find the major statutes in family law, including The Family Maintenance Act, The Adoption Act, The Family Property Act, and the other major statutes. You will also find The King's Bench Rules which is the bible for procedure in Manitoba for the Civil and Family Division. The specific rules for Family Law Proceedings are found at Rule 70.

Federal Child Support Tables
The Federal Child Support Guidelines and tables for all the provinces can be accessed here, as well as a smattering of case law and related materials.

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta
This is a Canadian clearing house for a diverse range of legal materials and connections to other major sources and lawyers.

Law Society of Manitoba
The governing body for all practicing lawyers in Manitoba has its own site. You can order publications of the Law Society here.


The Canadian Legal Research and Writing Guide

This is a general guide to legal research with many helpful links. This site will be helpful to the self-represented as well as lawyers.

ABA Family Law Section
There are a number of family law precedents and links on this American site, which can be adapted to Canadian purposes, but never forget that the laws in the United States are vastly different from Canadian law.

Divorce Net
Although California-based, this site is enormous and full of interesting links. Again, caution that these are American not Canadian precedents and laws.

For guidance with your specific case, contact Len Fishman and Terry Beley and Noah Fishman. We’re here to guide you through Manitoba’s Family Law legal system and help to achieve resolution with all family law issues.

Disclaimer: all information contained on this website is subject to legal notices.

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